Mike has had an avid interest in hi-fi since the late 1980s and right from the start he has been fascinated with the underlying technology. His successful career has spanned management positions at several premium hi-fi retailers in the Cambridge area.

His experience led him to feel that many existing dealers and chains were failing to meet the needs of their customers. Amazing products were overlooked in favour of stocking each year’s award winners and little else, while a formulaic approach to selling emphasised sales volume over system selection. He felt there was a better way and Criterion Audio was born of this inspiration.



Bill’s interest in hi-fi and better sound reproduction started as far back as school around 1979 at the age of 11. It was his hobby along with his lifelong and continuing passion for cars. Always buying music, a vinyl LP a week was the goal back then!

Over his career he has worked at a range of hi-fi dealers, including a few years bringing together his interests in cars and audio, working for Alpine Electronics.

Since the mid-1980s he has been a specialist in the Linn LP12 and has an in-depth knowledge of set up and maintenance for turntables from all manufacturers.



Since 2010 James has been developing an interest in all aspects of producing and reproducing music with a goal of creating excellent sounds whilst limited to a student’s budget. After 4 years of experimenting with loudspeaker cabinet design and construction, James wanted more from his music. It wasn’t long until he took his father’s advice to investigate the world of high end audio. Now after spending a short time working in the industry James has dedicated his efforts to introducing people to new equipment in hope that he can help follow audiophiles aim towards the sound system of their dreams.



Dave’s love of music and fascination with music reproduction from an early age, lead him into the audio industry as an electronics design engineer, and then as an author and technical journalist, writing features and product reviews for a number of hi-fi magazines.

The urge to learn more about audio lead him into back into design, but in electro-acoustics instead of electronics, specialising in loudspeaker system and transducer design and working with several hi-fi companies to design or improve their products.

After a spell working in Hong Kong, and then for a well-known UK loudspeaker manufacturer, he has brought his enthusiasm for and knowledge of hi-fi into retail at Criterion Audio. He enjoys dealing with customers and believes this new experience has brought a valuable new perspective on the hi-fi industry.