Criterion Audio Presents John Coltrane

Criterion Audio and Classical Album Sundays are pleased to announce their collaboration for another immersive listening session hosted at Hidden Rooms on Jesus Lane.

The event will present an evening with John Coltrane “Love Supreme”. Released in 1965 this album is viewed as not only one of the greatest jazz albums ever made, but one of the greatest albums in history.

You will have the chance to listen to the outstanding KEF Reference 3 loudspeakers, paired up with the Naim NAC-N272 and Naim NAP300 power amplifiers, all fed from Criterion’s new arrivals SME 10A turntable and Plinius Koru phono stage.

Join us for an evening of great quality sound. Do not miss out: February 5th from 3 – 6pm at Hidden Rooms in Jesus Lane. Click here to reserve your seat

Criterion Audio team

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