Cyrus CD player upgrade promotion

Cyrus New for Old CD player promotion

Cyrus claim that their current CD players are the best performing they have ever made, and we would not disagree with them. They are mighty fine silver disc spinners, which benefit from a completely re-designed mechanism, servo, and electronic circuitry compared to older models.
Last year, they released new CD firmware for their current players, which dramatically improved sonic performance while fixing some functional issues.
This was released in the summer of 2015 and, consequently, the Cyrus CDi CD player won the What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year for the second time in a row.
The good news is that owners of many older Cyrus CD players can benefit from both the most recent design and firmware at a greatly reduced price for a limited period only.
From 1 March to 31 May this year, Cyrus will upgrade owners’ CD players to the latest specification for a discount of 50% off the normal suggested upgrade price.
Models covered are: CD 6s, CD 8, CD 8x, CD Xt, CD 6 SE, CD 6 SE2, CD 8 SE, CD 8, SE2, CD T,CD XT SE, CD XT SE+ and CD XT SE2.
These can all be upgraded to their latest counterpart (CDi, or CD Xt Signature) as appropriate.

Note: this is a brand-new-for-old trade-in, and as the price is even less than half the price of a new unit, it is a really generous offer, which is not to be missed!

UK pricing is as follows:
Upgrading from: Upgrading to Normal SRP 50% off SRP

CD 6, CD 6s, CD 8, CD 8x CD i £850.00 £425.00
CD Xt Signature £1,495.00 £747.50

CD Xt CD Xt Signature £1,495.00 £747.50

CD 6 SE, CD 6 SE2 CD i £750.00 £375.00
CD Xt Signature £1,295.00 £647.50

CD 8 SE, CD 8 SE2 CD i £650.00 £325.00
CD Xt Signature £1,195.00 £597.50

CD Transport, CD T CD Xt Signature £1,295.00 £647.50

CD XT SE, CD XT SE+, CD XT SE2 CD Xt Signature £1,095.00 £547.50

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