Cyrus Upgrade Workshop at Criterion Audio

Criterion Audio has always been a big fan of Cyrus: not only are they one of the most respected hi-fi manufacturers around, but they are also local to Cambridge. We are pleased to announce that Cyrus will be collaborating with us for another very special event on August 13th at Criterion Audio’s Cambridge showroom.

One of the key benefits of Cyrus’s range is upgradeability. However, the most effective upgrade path for a particular system isn’t always the most obvious, and you can often achieve major improvements for even quite a modest outlay.

We thought we’d get together and bring you the first Cyrus Upgrade Workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate an upgrade route from a simple source/integrated amplifier to a five box Signature system through seven steps: from the straightforward addition of a PSX-R₂ power supply, to showing how a dedicated pre-amplifier can outperform an integrated amplifier in the right system.

We’ll run two sessions, with loudspeakers from PMC in the morning and KEF in the afternoon, so please book your place for whichever brand you prefer.

You will also be amongst the first to hear the brand new Cyrus ONE amplifier before its official launch in September. With special attention given to its phono stage and headphone amplifier, the Cyrus ONE will be paired up with the Michell TecnoDec andProAc D20R loudspeakers in our smaller demonstration room, and with a selection of the finest headphones available in our dedicated headphone room.

Along with our experienced team, a representative from Cyrus will be with us for the day to answer any questions on upgrades, part exchange etc. and there will be drinks and snacks available to keep you refreshed.

We very much look forward to seeing you on August 13th from 11:00 to 5:30pm at Criterion Audio.


Book your ticket for the PMC twenty26 and FACT12: 11am – 1pm

Book your ticket for the KEF R900 and Reference 5: 2pm – 4pm


To further celebrate the day, we will be offering a 10% discount on all upgrades booked on the day or over the course of the following week, which includes factory upgrades and new purchases!

Should upgrades be unavailable for your Cyrus component due to its age, part exchange is available.

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