Hear the legendary and rare Sennheiser Orpheus headphones!

Join us between the 9th and 13th December and hear, what many believe, to be the best set of headphones that has ever existed, the Sennheiser Orpheus.
Criterion Audio is hosting a long awaited event entirely dedicated to headphones and headphones fans.
With available second-hand Orpheus models almost impossible to buy and any that do appear on auction sites demanding eye-watering prices, this could be your once in a lifetime chance to hear this amazing headphone design.
To emphasise the importance of the Orpheus headphones, the highly regarded, US-based headphone forum, Head-Fi, undertook the largest and most in-depth test of all of the world’s audiophile headphones from the past and present and, from the 58 models surveyed, the Orpheus was placed at the top of that rarified and illustrious pile.

Criterion Audio offers a wealth of headphone and headphone amplifier brands from Sennheiser to Stax, Grado to Beyerdynamic and Abyss to Burson and a broad selection of over 20 additional headphones to try!
Don’t miss out this extraordinary opportunity, call us on 01223 233730 or email us events@criterionaudio.com to reserve your VIP ticket for the event!
There will be snacks and drinks to keep you refreshed.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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