Linn Sondek LP12 Servicing and Upgrades in Cambridgeshire


The Linn Sondek LP12 is one of hi-fi’s greatest successes. This iconic turntable has been in production for 45 years has been improved and developed over that time by Linn Products based in Glasgow, Scotland. Originally designed by Linn’s then CEO Ivor Tiefenbrun, who thought his hi-fi system simply didn’t sound good enough, the LP12 entered the market in 1973 and was a revelation. Most people at that time thought that if you simply bought bigger and better loudspeakers and amplifiers that was the way your system improved. Ivor proved this theory wrong. ‘Source first’ proved that no matter how good your loudspeakers and amplifiers were, if the turntable wasn’t picking up all the information from the record groove, the rest of the system simply could not reproduce what wasn’t there!


Over this time we have seen the introduction of the Compact Disc and now digital audio streaming, but the vinyl LP has still carried on. Over the last few years vinyl has seen a huge resurgence with both old and new customers alike, and many feel that this medium still has the finest sonic performance, even in today’s digital world.

If you own one of these fine turntables and its in need of some TLC or an upgrade, we can help.

Criterion Audio are LP12 specialists, and can service and upgrade of all LP12’s, regardless of vintage. Whether you wish for your LP12 to have a fresh service, a new cartridge or a full upgrade to the latest flagship ‘Kilmax’ specification, our experts have over 30 years experience of this legendary turntable.

We are the only authorised Linn and Linn LP12 specialists in the Cambridgeshire area.

Our labour charge is £59.00 + VAT per hour.

If you wish to discuss anything LP12, please call us on Cambridge 01223 233730 or email us at

Don’t own an LP12 but have another turntable that needs some TLC? No problem, simply contact us and if we can help, we will. We are also specialists in Pro-ject, Michell Engineering and SME turntables.




A selection of Linn LP12 Upgrades and Parts