New Naim Streamers for 2018


Naim Audio have announced a new range of their ever popular music streamers for 2018.


The ND5 XS2 replaces the ND5 XS. Naim’s entry level streamer. An improvement in the streaming engine which now includes Roon and DAC tweaks for a better sound but a removal of the display to make a more simplified version and as a result they have a reduction in price from the previous ND5 XS. Naim tell us this will be available from August 2018.



The NDX2 replaces the NDX. Again improvements in the streaming engine, includes Roon and DAC sound improvements, now with the large colour display from the new Uniti series. Available from July 2018.



ND 555

The flagship ND 555 replaces the NDS. Along with the improvements as for the 2 other models, the ND 555 is a result of four decades of audio engineering to produce one of the finest digital music streamers available to today. Available from June 2018.