The new Spendor A7 has arrived


The brand new Spendor A7 has arrived at Criterion Audio. The A7 is the 2018 replacement for the award winning A6R, a model which was favoured by many customers here at Criterion Audio.

We have been running in our pair, finished in oak and just like the award winning A4, we are very impressed. Spendor have tweaked the sound so the A7 has a touch more dynamics and clarity than the A6R but still with that impressive tonal balance and smoothness Spendor are well known for. Still compact but because of the extra size over the A4 model they create that all important larger soundstage. At £2995 they really are at a popular price point and highly recommended.

Here are some of Spendors words:

The new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers prove you don’t need a big space, or budget, to enjoy dynamic, open and exhilarating sound. If you’re someone who truly loves music, whichever model you chose, they will add a whole new dimension to your listening pleasure.

They are slim, compact and you can place them easily and unobtrusively into your living space and they will fill the room with a clear captivating sound. And thanks to innovative Spendor technology the A-Line loudspeakers will get the very best from whatever equipment you have.

The new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers deliver class leading performance. They are the most adaptable and affordable loudspeakers Spendor have ever created.

Available in the following finishes: Black Ash, Cherry, Dark Walnut, Natural Oak.  Additional cost: Satin White, Hi-Gloss Grey.

If you wish to audition the A7, call us on 01223 233730.