Criterion Audio welcomes Nagra Audio

We are delighted to be appointed dealers in the Cambridgeshire area for Nagra audio products. Designed and built in Switzerland for over 60 years, Nagra is recognised as one of the world’s finest audio companies. Nagra equipment is firmly established among audio professionals. Whether in the television and cinema industries or among radio journalists, Nagras […]

The Falcon Acoustics LS3/5A have arrived

Our demostration pair of Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a’s and their dedicated stands have finally arrived! We are trying them with different amplification and sources to see what we can recommend to you that really makes them work at their best. Results so far? Spine tingling! Vocals are simply stunning with a projection into the room that can […]

Sonoma M1 Headphone system arrives at Criterion Audio

We are delighted to be appointed the first UK dealer for this wonderful new high-end headphone system! The Sonoma Acoustics M1 is the world’s first headphone to use a High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate Transducer (HPEL). The team responsible for creating the worlds first DSD recording and editing system have now conceived the stunning Sonoma M1. Using a class […]

TIAS2017 Fostex International

Fostex GX250MG(PB) Accuphase A70 demonstration system at Tokyo International Audio Show

Fostex was showing its GX250MG speakers with Accuphase electronics at the Tokyo International Audio Show. These have a midrange and woofer in Fostex’s “HR shape” which they say pre-stresses the diaphragm making is resistant to deformation. The sound was very impressive with great integration and an effortless realism. We stayed for a few tracks spanning […]

TIAS2017 Impressive sounds from ATC

ATC SCM 100 SLPT/III McIntosh MC 1.2KW Nordost Odin 2 demo system at Tokyo International Audio Show

Some more impressive sounds from ATC and McIntosh at the Tokyo International Audio Show, where the ATC SCM100 towers were driven by the enormous McIntosh MC1.25kW amps from McIntosh source equipment. Across a wide range of tracks, the sound was stunning with the end-to-end balance and realism that ATC is famous for. The McIntosh power […]