TIAS2017 Impressive sounds from ATC

ATC SCM 100 SLPT/III McIntosh MC 1.2KW Nordost Odin 2 demo system at Tokyo International Audio Show

Some more impressive sounds from ATC and McIntosh at the Tokyo International Audio Show, where the ATC SCM100 towers were driven by the enormous McIntosh MC1.25kW amps from McIntosh source equipment. Across a wide range of tracks, the sound was stunning with the end-to-end balance and realism that ATC is famous for. The McIntosh power […]

TIAS2017 YG Acoustics Hailey and Air Tight

YG Acoustics Hailey with Air Tight amplifiers at Tokyo International Audio Show

Just when we were starting to narrow down candidates for Sound of the Show, along comes another amazing room: YG Hailey loudspeakers driven by Air Tight electronics with vinyl played by an Air Tight cartridge on an SME-armed Transrotor ZET-3 turntable. When we went in, they were playing Stevie Ray Vaughan’s album Couldn’t Stand the […]

TIAS2017 Quad showing the ESL-2912

Quad ESL 2912 at Tokyo International Audio Show

Quad was showing its ESL-2912 loudspeakers with Accuphase electronics in G410 at the Tokyo International Audio Show. Ravel’s Bolero was playing with all the characteristic electrostatic speaker virtues when we visited the room. On static display was the beautiful new Quad Artera system, with a Play CD player/DAC/preamp and a Stereo power amp. In a […]

TIAS2017 First showing of Technics SP-10R Turntable

Technics SP-10R turntable launched at the Tokyo International Audio Show

Over in a big space on the other side of the hall, Technics were showing their new Reference Class Direct Drive Turntable, the SP-10R. This has a brand new direct drive motor with an extra-heavy platter and it certainly looks the part. After the excitement around their various SL-1200 models in 2016 and earlier this […]