TIAS2017 First showing of Boulder 1110 preamp

Another anticipated release, and one that a few customers have asked us about: Boulder was showing their new 1110 preamp pairs with the 1160 power amp. Driving the Manger Audio P1 speakers, which we had not heard before, the overall system sounded really impressive in G501. The 1100 series casework has a front panel with […]

TIAS2017 TAD and Accuphase everywhere!

One or other of TAD’s loudspeakers and Accuphase’s electronics seemed to have ended up in at least half the rooms that we saw, including some very impressive combinations. In G505, as well as an amazing display of the Ortofon Cartridge range, there was a pair of TAD’s Compact Reference One loudspeakers driven by Accuphase M-6200 […]

TIAS2017 Exceptional jazz from TAD

TAD demo system at Tokyo International Audio Show

In G401 at the Tokyo International Audio Show, an all-TAD system (Technical Audio Devices Laboratories to give their full name) was playing some exceptional jazz. Bringing together their Reference components with the floor-standing Reference One speakers, there was beautiful imaging from the coaxial midrange/tweeter and lots of detail but still very relaxing listening.

The Falcon Acoustics original BBC licence LS3/5A coming soon to Criterion Audio!

Criterion Audio are proud to announce that we have been selected as the exclusive dealer in the Cambridgeshire area for the legendary BBC Licence LS3/5A loudspeaker that has been handmade to the exact specifications as the original loudspeaker from 1976 by Falcon Acoustics. This exceptional mini monitor has improved cabinet finishes, they are hand assembled […]