Pro-ject Audio Joins Criterion Audio’s Portfolio

We are delighted to announce that Pro-ject Audio Systems have been added to our ever growing portfolio of products.

For those of you who are aware, and maybe are owners of this fine brand, we have hand picked a selection of turntables and vinyl accessories to complement our range which we feel offer particular value and performance. Pro-ject’s range of turntables in particular is rather a large one, so we have chosen several models which we feel are fine performers at their respective price points and fit nicely within our other brands of turntables. More models will be added over the coming months and all Pro-ject items are available from us if there is something in particular that you don’t see. Here is a run-down of the models we have chosen to kick start this hugely popular brand:

Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC at £349.00 is our entry level turntable and a multi-award winner. An excellent budget turntable which comes complete with Ortofon’s £95 moving magnet cartridge the 2M Red. Available in 8 colours.



Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB turntable at £469.00 is the next step up and a ‘GTI’ version of the Carbon DC above. The Esprit SB adds electronic speed change and the upgraded Acryl-IT platter for improved performance.




Pro-ject RPM 3 Carbon turntable at £599.00. The RPM 3 is a differently designed turntable without a conventional plinth, more of the ‘skeletal’ style of turntable most often found in more expensive models, decoupled motor, S-shaped 10″ tonearm and fitted with the upgraded Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge. Dust cover is optional on this model.



Pro-ject ‘The Classic’ turntable at £949.00. Now we enter the world of the real ‘audiophile turntable’ with this model. Designed to celebrate Pro-ject’s 25th anniversary, this is a stunning package, very ‘retro’ in it’s design and a huge step up in vinyl playback. Yes, it does indeed look like a cheaper Linn LP12! Supplied with the Ortofon 2M silver cartridge.


Pro-ject 2 Xperience Acryl at £999.00. If you are unimpressed with the more ‘retro’ looks of The Classic, the 2 Xperience with its stunning acrylic base and dust-cover make this one a more modern design. Complete with the 9CC Evolution tonearm and Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge for outstanding sound and looks.


Pro-ject 6 PerspeX SB turntable at £1500.00. Like the 2 Xperience Acryl but want more performance? No problem, the 6 Perspex delivers true audiophile sound quality with stunning looks. With sub-chassis made from Corian with magnetic suspension, acoustically inert sandwich construction platter combined with MDF and vinyl layer as mat, 9CC Evolution tonearm and electronic speed control, just add your choice of cartridge and you have a stunning package.



With a huge selection of phono stages and vinyl accessories, Pro-ject have something for all tastes, budgets and styles.

Now on demonstration at Criterion Audio. 

Remember, if you have any questions regarding turntable playback for any make, not just Pro-ject, please get in touch where we have our experts on hand and are happy to answer any questions you have.