TIAS2017 Sound of the Show

YG Acoustics Hailey with Air Tight amplifiers at Tokyo International Audio Show

Well, the time has come for us to head off and say goodbye to beautiful Tokyo. And the onerous decision of which system we like best. The huge range of excellent equipment at the Tokyo International Audio Show made it really difficult for us to pick one system.

In the end, by a whisker, we think the winner was the YG Hailey driven by Air Tight electronics. Admitting there are many variables, from the room to the choice of music, on two separate visits this has an effortless naturalness and an incredible ability to make us feel like the musicians were in the room with us.

Runners up were Avalon Time speakers driven by Nagra electronics, which were beautifully detailed, fast and natural, and the YG XV Junior speakers driven by Krell electronics, which had outstanding resolution and timing from the very deepest bass to highest treble.

Thank you to all the manufacturers and the show organisers for putting on such a wonderful and well-organised show!

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